Rogério Colaço

Fotografia: Rogerio Colaco

Full Professor

Degree in Metalurgical and Materials Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, 1991

Scientific and Pedagogical Aptitude Examination (MSc), Instituto Superior Técnico, 1995

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, 2002

Habilitation in Materials Science and Engineering, 2012

Telephone: 21 8417459, Ext: 1459, Mecânica II Building room 1.10

Email-adress: rogerio.colaco@tecnico.ulisboa .pt

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ResearcherID: B-5432-2013

Scientific affiliations

I am researcher of IDMEC - Instituto de Engenharia Mecanica and the coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Scientific Area of Mechanical Design and Engineering Materials and of the NanoLab - The Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnologies Laboratory of IST. Currently my Materials Engineering Research Group has three main materials development areas: eco-friendly cements (RL1) ; biomaterials (RL2) and tribology (RL3).

Current research projects

  • NanoCimento – Contrato Industrial IST/CIMPOR 2012-2016, Adist-AD0031
  • NanoParma - Nanoparticle manipulation with atomic force microscopy techniques. ESF EUROCORES FANAS Proposal: 07-FANAS-FP-009

Selected Representative Publications and Patents

Publications RL1

  • P. Paradiso, R.L. Santos, R. B. Horta, J. N. C. Lopes, P.J. Ferreira, R. Colaço, The nanocrystalline nature of novel low-calcium hydraulic binders: formation of tobermorite upon hydration, Acta Materialia, submitted, Acta Materialia, Volume 152, 15 June 2018, Pages 7-15.
  • R.L. Santos, R. B. Horta, J. Pereira, T. G. Nunes, P. Rocha, R. Colaço, Novel low calcium-silicate hydraulic binders: effect of alkali activation on microstructure, mechanical resistance and heat of hydration, J of the American Ceramic Society, accepted March 2018.
  • R.L. Santos, R. B. Horta, J. Pereira, T. G. Nunes, P. Rocha, J. N. C. Lopes, R. Colaço, Novel high-resistance clinkers with 1.10
  • R.L. Santos, R. B. Horta, J. Pereira, T.G. Nunes, P. Rocha, J. N. Lopes, R. Colaço, Microstructural control and hydration of novel micro-dendritic clinkers with CaO/SiO2 = 1.4, Cement and Concrete Research, 76, 212-221 (2015).
  • Adilson A. Freitas, R. L. Santos, R. Colaço, R. B. Horta, J. N. Canongia Lopes From Lime to Silica and Alumina: Systematic Modeling of Cement Clinkers using a General Force-Field, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17, 18477-18494 (2015).
  • Publications RL2

  • Raquel Galante, Andreia S. Oliveira, Daniela Ghisleni, Marina Braga, Terezinha J. A. Pinto, Rogério Colaço, Ana Paula Serro, Effect of different sterilization methods on drug loaded silicone-hydrogel intended for therapeutic contact lenses. Colloids and surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 161 (2018) 537-546. 3.887
  • Raquel Galante, Daniela Ghisleni, Patrizia Paradiso, Vitor D. Alves, Terezinha J. A. Pinto, Rogério Colaço, Ana Paula Serro. Sterilization of silicone-based hydrogels for biomedical application using ozone gas: comparison with conventional techniques, Materials Science and Engineering C, Volume 78, 1 September 2017, Pages 389-397.
  • A.F.R. Pimenta, A. Valente, J.M.C Pereira, J.C.F Pereira, H.P. Filipe, J.L.G. Mata, R. Colaço, B. Saramago, A.P. Serro, In vitro controlled drug release from hydrogels for contact lenses: an approach to the hydrodynamic conditions of the eye, Drug Delivery and Translational Research, December 2016, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp 755-762.
  • D. Silva, A.C. Fernandes, T.G. Nunes, R. Colaço, A.P. Serro, The effect of albumin and cholesterol on the biotribological behaviour of hydrogels for contact lenses. Acta Biomaterialia, Volume 26, 15 October 2015, Pages 184-194.
  • P. Paradiso, R. Galante, L. Santos, A. P. A Matos, R. Colaço, A. P. Serro, B. Saramago, Comparison of two hydrogel formulations for drug release in ophthalmic lenses, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B - Applied Biomaterials, Vol 102(6) pg 1170-1180, 2014.
  • Publications RL3

  • P. M. Amorim, Ana M. Ferraria, Rogério Colaço, Luís C. Branco and Benilde Saramago, Imidazolium-based ILs used as additives in nanolubrication of silicon surfaces, The Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. Volume 8 (1) 1961-1971, 2017.
  • G. Tiago, J. Restolho, R. Colaço, B. Saramago and L. C. Branco, Novel Ionic liquids for Interfacial and Tribological applications, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Volume 472, 5, pp 1-8 (2015).
  • B. Nunes, E. Alves, R. Colaço, Nanoscale triboactivity of functionalized c-Si surfaces by Fe+ ion implanting, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28 (2016) 134003 (7pp).
  • A. P. Serro, K. Degiampietro, R. Colaço, B. Saramago, Adsorption of albumin and sodium hyaluronate on UHMWPE: a QCM-D and AFM study, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 78 (2010) 1-7.
  • S. Graça, R. Vilar, R.Colaço, The role of indentation size effect on the abrasive wear behaviour of ductile metallic alloys: a nanotribological study, Wear, 268 (2010) 931-938.
  • R. Colaço, An AFM study of single-contact abrasive wear: the Rabinowicz wear equation revisited, Wear 267 (11), 1772-1776, 2009.
  • K. Degiampietro, R. Colaço, Nanoabrasive wear induced by an AFM diamond tip on stainless steel, Wear, 263, 1060-1065, 2007.
  • R. Colaço, E. M. Ruiz-Navas, E. Gordo, M. Otasevic, R. Vilar, A comparative study of the wear behaviour of sintered and laser surface melted AISI M42 High Speed Steel diluted with iron, Wear, 260, 949-956, 2006.
  • R. Colaço, R. Vilar, A model for the abrasive wear of metallic matrix particle-reinforced materials, Wear, Vol 254 (7-8) pp. 625-634, 2003.
  • M. A. Fortes, R. Colaço and M. F. Vaz, The contact mechanics of cellular solids, Wear, Vol. 230, pp. 1-10, 1999.
  • Patents

  • DENDRITIC BELITE BASED HYDRAULIC BINDERS AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURING. Authors: R. Bayão Horta, R.L. Santos, J. Pereira, P. Rocha, S. Lebreiro, J.N.C. Lopes, R. Colaço. PCT/PT2015/000005, priority date: 12 February 2015.
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  • AMORPHOUS LOW-CALCIUM CONTENT SILICATE HYDRAULIC BINDERS AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURING, United States Patent Application 20170349485, publication date: December 7th 2017,