Online Booking


Users who operate the instruments are required to register and after permission by the schedule administrator will be able to book online.

Users who are interested in booking the instruments should contact Patrizia Paradiso and afterwards can check the instruments availability through the Schedule site.

Running costs

The user fees are intended to cover the NanoMatLab expenses (consumables, parts, maintenance...), do not include taxes and are reviewed annually.

The minimum session duration is one hour

Here below the hourly fees, contact us for any doubts.

NanoMatLab researchers and students TÉCNICO OTHER
AFM NanoSurf -- 40 € 90 €
AFM Veeco -- 30 € 70 €
CSM Nanotribometer -- 40 € 90 €
TA.XT Texture Analyser -- 30 € 70 €
Profilm3D -- 40 € 90 €