Daniela da Silva Nunes

Fotografia: Daniela Nunes

PhD student

Degree in Chemical Engineering, Universidade Santa Cecília, 2005

Masters Degree in Materials Engineering, with the dissertation "Magnetic domains in Y-Fe-Mo, Y-Fe-Ti, Nd-Fe-Ti and Nd-Fe-Mo alloys" (MSc), Instituto Superior Técnico, 2008

PhD student in Materials Engineering, with the dissertation "Nanodiamond, onion-like carbon, carbon nanotubes, graphitic and amorphous carbon dispersions in nanostructured metals: understanding thermal and electrical transport, irradiation damage, strength and wear resistance" (2008/due to 2012)

Telephone: 21 8418137, Ext: 2137 Room: 5.37 (3rd floor, Civil Engeering Building)

Email-adress: daniela.nunes@ist.utl.pt

Scientific fields

The areas of scientific interest are currently centred on the advanced fabrication and characterization of nanostructured materials, as well as the mechanical and thermal condutivity characterizations.

Research topics

Current research topics include:

  • Production, characterization and plasma irradiation of metal-carbon nanocomposites;
  • Nanostructure characterization of mechanically alloyed Cu-based, Ni-based, and W-based alloys. Evaluation of their thermal condutivity and wear resistance;
  • Consolidation and further characterization of the mechanically alloyed nanocomposites;
  • Identification and characterization of planar defects and magnetic domains in ThMn12-type of compounds (YFe11Mo, YFe11Ti, NdFe11Mo, NdFe11Ti); Evaluation of magnetic domain configurations in these intermetallics by atomic force microscopy;

Former research topics include:

  • Nanostructure and microstructure characterization of mechanically alloyed materials;
  • Processing and characterization of magnetic nanostructure of permanent magnets;
  • Ultra-fine discontinuous precipitation mechanisms and wear resistance enhancement;
  • Crystalline defects in intermetallic compounds;

Scientific Publications in International Journals

  • D. Nunes, J.B. Correia, P.A. Carvalho, N. Shohoji, H. Fernandes, C. Silva, L.C. Alves, K. Hanada, E.Osawa, Production of Cu/Diamond composites for first-wall heat sinks, Fusion Engineering and Design (submitted for publication)
  • R. Mateus, P.A. Carvalho, D. Nunes, L.C. Alves, N. Franco, J.B. Correia, E. Alves, Microstructural characterization of the ODS Eurofer 97 EU-batch, Fusion Engineering and Design (submitted for publication)
  • V. Livramento, D. Nunes, J.B. Correia, P.A. Carvalho, U. Mardolcar, R. Mateus, K. Hanada, N. Shohoji, H. Fernandes, C. Silva, E. Alves, Tungsten-micro diamond composites for plasma facing components, Journal of Nuclear materials (submitted for publication)
  • D. Nunes, A.P. Gonçalves, L.C.J. Pereira, R. Colaço, P.A. Carvalho, Microstructures and magnetic domain configurations of NdFe11Ti and Nd2(Fe,Ti)17 aggregates, Applied Physics A 104 (2011) 1053–1060
  • D. Nunes, V. Livramento, J.B. Correia, K. Hanada, P.A. Carvalho, R. Mateus, N. Shohoji, H. Fernandes, C. Silva, E. Alves, E.Osawa, Consolidation of Cu-nD nanocomposites; hot extrusion vs spark plasma sintering, Materials Science Forum, 636-637 (2010) 682-687
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  • D. Nunes, R. Mateus, I.D. Nogueira, P.A. Carvalho, J.B. Correia, N. Shohoji, R.B. Gomes, H. Fernandes, C. Silva, N. Franco, E. Alves, Microstructural evolution in tungsten and copper probes under hydrogen irradiation at ISTTOK, Journal of Nuclear Materials 390-391 (2009) 1039-1042
  • V. Livramento, J.Brito Correia, D. Nunes, P.A. Carvalho, H. Fernandes, C. Silva, K. Hanada, N. Shohoji and E.Osawa, Novel Approach to Plasma Facing Materials in Nuclear Fusion Reactors, Plasma and Fusion Science, 996 (2008)166-171